Hello visitor and welcome on my homepage, my name is Femoesa and here you will find a selection of my works.

I am active with the name Femoesa on the streets since the end of 2009 and i started with making abstract chalk works and also i did some other experiments.
In May 2012 i started active on the streets with making yarn works.
I noticed after a while that my street art helps me to express and develop myself, when i am making an art work with words for example the word "essentie" (dutch word for essence) i am became more aware of that subject and also writing helps me to get a clear mind and more calm thoughts.
These days i am more active with other things, you can contact me & take a look at my other site here: www.rtgp.xyz
Or take a look at my Flickr stream.
Have a nice life :).
Femoesa, July 2016.