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Hi and welcome on the homepage of Femoesa, an alter ego of me Gerard Raatgeep. Here you will find a selection of my street works.
Most of the works are older works because these days i am more busy with the painting robots the Squaintbots, and my selfies with a twist project.
The name Femoesa is founded in 2009 and was first used as my D.J. name and later i also used it for my street art.
I started with making chalk works and i did some installations, i did my first yarn work in a fence in 2010 and that was a simple 1d work , a year before that i also did a fence work saying CULT with garbage (red/yellow ribbon/branches and plastic) that i found on the street along the Schiedam Train Station (if someone have a picture of that please mail me).
After seeing Hot Tea in 2012 doing yarn works with 3d i was hooked on making yarn works.
When i'am making yarn works with words i like to make works with subjects that have my attention at the moment, mostly the subject is about psychology.
One of the nicest things about making street art is that you don't need a gallery and working outside is also a great way to expose your art and i also get a good excercise because i'am biking a lot.
In 2012 i did my yarn art on the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven and on the Kunstvlaai in Amsterdam
Here's a interview about my works, publiced in the AD newspaper 2013. (sorry dutch only)
Check out my homepage for my new art experiments and my selfies with a twist project and behind the scenes.

Check out some yarn videos.
Last update here on 19 October 2016 ((psychological) Projection yarn work).

Selected works

  • 2 chairs and a table.
  • Geometric pattern with yarn.
  • Hope with yarn.
  • (psychological) Projection.
  • Zien (see) with yarn.
  • Geometric with yarn.
  • Butt-head and Beavis with yarn.
  • XOR with yarn.
  • Intuition with yarn.
  • Geometric with yarn.
  • Distorted Cultone with yarn.
  • Cultone with yarn.
  • Cult with yarn.
  • Consciousness with yarn.
  • Bryan Cranston with yarn.
  • Dead tree wrapped in plastic.
  • Essentie (essence) with yarn.
  • Confirmation bias with yarn.
  • Geometric with yarn.
  • Geometric with yarn.
  • Geometric with yarn.
  • Keith Haring with yarn.
  • Life + Xorof with yarn.
  • Peter Faber + Kahlo with yarn.
  • 21 sandwich bags installation.
  • Abstract with chalk.
  • Abstract composition with paper.
  • Yellow geometic with yarn.
  • Split peas in a circular pattern.
  • Responsibility with yarn.
  • Psithurism with yarn.
  • Black and white beans.
  • Installation.
  • Subtiel (subtle) with yarn.
  • Impossible geometric with yarn.
  • Xorof 2016 with yarn.
  • Chalk 1.
  • Chalk 2.
  • Chalk 3+4.
  • Chalk 5+6.
  • Chalk 7.
  • Chalk 8+9.
  • Chalk 10+ chalk + tape.
  • Chalk 11.
  • 25 meters wheatflower circle.
  • Self Portrait with yarn.
  • Van Kooten & De Bie with yarn.
  • Plastic graffiti "Layer".
  • Plastic graffiti "Layer" 2.
  • 380 satay skewers in sequence.
  • Abstract graffiti 1.
  • Abstract graffiti 2.
  • Abstract graffiti 3.
  • Abstract graffiti 4.
  • Abstract graffiti 5.
  • Handrail wrapped in plastic.


You can mail me on rtgp@rtgp.xyz