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Yarn Art Videos

Compilation 2016/2017 no slideshow.
They are all done on a abandoned tenniscourt, i made here some bigger yarn works simply because i got enough space that u not find so often anywhere i live.

Two years sober @ The Hague.

Femoesa self-portait @ Schiedam.

Don't be afraid to cre8 @ The Hague.

Emotions @ The Hague.

Xorofoner @ The Hague.

Extraordinary @ The Hague.

Comfort zone @ The Hague.

Femoesaone @ The Hague.

Imagination @ The Hague.

Xorofication @ The Hague.

Compilation 2013 (no slideshow).

Yarn faces and figures compilation (no slideshow) 2013.

Time lapse yarn video - 2012.